Meet Will

About Will Brennan

When my wife, Lauren, and I married, we agreed that being a part of a community means more than just living there. Now, as we build our family, that shared commitment to community has become even stronger. Like all children, our daughter and son should have safe streets, world class opportunities, and be able to thrive in a community that is encouraging and supportive. Strong communities are built from the inside out by the people who do the hard work of raising families, holding down jobs and helping each other. That is the type of community I know Columbia to be. That is the Columbia that has shaped my life. And that is the Columbia I am inspired to work hard for.

Over the years I have had the good fortune to serve on many community boards and committees. My work has also kept me connected to the issues of job growth and community improvement. I have worked to raise money for animal protection services, spaying and neutering programs and fought to protect and promote our Three Rivers. I currently serve on the Central Midlands Council of Governments as Chairman, as well as a board member on the River Alliance and The COMET. My past volunteer service includes the Animal Mission and the Riverbanks Zoo Society Board.

This election is about our neighborhoods, our streets, our tax dollars as well as our future. I believe all citizens of the City of Columbia deserve to have an honest and efficient local government. And that is why I am running for re-election.

I look forward to sharing my ideas and learning about yours.

Will's Background

Will Brennan is part of a new breed of professionals. Following the tenets of smart growth and planning, Will brings a unique perspective to the evaluation and coordination of projects he takes on. Will’s planning approach is guided by the careful use of innovation and technology, environmentally responsible practices and the principles of sustainability. Combined these project guidelines help lower costs and protect fragile community resources. These values have become the hallmarks of Will Brennan’s work and perspective on community growth. Influenced by the cutting-edge architectural work of his father and the medical career of his mother, Will has carved out a unique business footprint as a historical property developer. Will has been a guiding force in a number of award-winning projects including; the Curtiss-Wright Hangar in Columbia, the Waikiki Village Retro Motel in Myrtle Beach, SC and design work on many of the Main Street historic buildings that have led the rebirth of Downtown Columbia.
“I have two guiding principles, for approaching community involvement – get personally engaged in the issues you hope to address and always, always work to make a difference.” Will Brennan – Leadership Interview 2018

Will graduated from A.C Moore Elementary, Hand Middle School and Dreher High School and went on to attend North Carolina State University where he earned a BS in Economics and a minor in Operations Management. Returning to Columbia after college, Will went to work at the River Alliance as a project manager for Three Rivers Greenway development before leaving to team with his father to grow a boutique design firm. Will’s firm, Brennan Works, has clients in the healthcare, financial services, education, hospitality and retail sectors. He has been a part of award-winning work that has saved historic properties and created new businesses and jobs in many communities in South Carolina.

Will’s business approach has been significantly influenced by his community service. Since returning to Columbia, Will has been an active volunteer, supporter and board member for a number of non-profits, including:

  • Animal Mission
  • The River Alliance
  • River Banks Zoo Society Board
  • City of Columbia Tree and Appearance Commission
  • Member Shandon Presbyterian Church

Will’s wife, Lauren, is from Sumter, SC. She works as a Speech and Language Pathologist in Richland School District 1. Will and Lauren are raising their daughter and son.