Vote November 7th

will brennan

City Council District 3


The community that makes up Columbia City Council District 3 is my home. I grew up here, attended neighborhood public schools and for years have been involved in community activities that directly touch on the needs of our diverse neighborhoods. This is where I live, and I am working hard to keep Columbia a great place. This is where I established my business. This is where my family’s future is unfolding, and this is the area I want to fight for by representing us on Columbia City Council.

In 2018, I kicked off my first campaign for City Council District 3. Many supporters have been involved with the campaign and ongoing work. I hope that you will join supporters to help continue the infrastructure and quality of life improvements I have started during my first term. Information on our website will be helpful and encourage you to get engaged.

Please follow the campaign and issues I am working on with regular updates on my Facebook and Instagram. Please engage by offering your opinions, taking our issue surveys, sending us your pictures, and expressing your ideas for making our neighborhoods stronger and Columbia a better city.

I hope to continue the good work we started with your vote. It is an honor to serve you!

Thanks again for visiting!
Will Brennan

Meet Will
This election is about our neighborhoods, our streets, our tax dollars as well as our future. I believe all citizens of Columbia deserve to have an honest and efficient local government. And that is why I am running for re-election.
My tenure thus far as your councilman has been an honor, and I have enjoyed getting to know you and more about our community’s needs. Now that I have nearly completed a term as your Councilman, I come to you with an update on these accomplishments.
We need an independent voice on Columbia City Council, someone who can represent this district fully and not be limited by conflicts of interest. To make this city better, we need a city council member who is not restrained from taking on the difficult issues.